RAZZO 10 in1 60ml


What is this?

Say hello to the hardest-working hair transformer out there. Because why use a product that does just one thing, when it could do 10?

Why love it?

Our revolutionary leave-in hair treatment cream goes above and beyond. Infused with natural oils, silk extracts, botanical ingredients and next-generation complexes, this beautifully lightweight and nourishing formulation does it all, from inner strength to outer beauty. Spray on, leave in and experience 10 benefits as it: hydrates, fights frizz, prevents split ends, adds shine, strengthens, protects from heat styling, reconstructs damaged hair, provides antioxidant protection, boosts volume and detangles.

How to use?


Shake well and spritz evenly onto clean, towel-dried hair. Don’t go rinsing, it’ll work its magic while you get on with your day. Simply leave on the hair and style as normal.



When you can’t live without blow dries and straightening irons, this ingredient is for you, offering unrivalled heat protection from the damaging effects of thermal styling, plus it improves the hair’s condition too.


Argan oil

Packed with vitamins, omegas and antioxidants to smooth, strengthen and restore, this precious oil is a must-use for dry, damaged and color-treated hair.

Flaxseed oil

Nourishes dry and brittle hair with omega-3 fatty acids and protein, leaving it supple, soft and strong.


A true wonder ingredient for hair, keratin helps rebuild the protein structure of damaged strands, preventing breakage and heat damage while smoothing and strengthening.

Macadamia oil

Rich in fatty acids, dry and damaged hair drinks up macadamia oil’s goodness without getting weighed down.

Silk extract 
Enables hair to hold onto hydration and, naturally, helps keep it soft and silky smooth too.

Seaweed extract
Helps hair to rebuild itself and grow stronger thanks to its powerful combination of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

UV filters 
Sun exposure dries out hair and fades color, so we added UV protection to help shield hair from potential damage.

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