WS *Hand Wrinkle Patches

Wrinkles Schminkles
The skin of the hands is constantly exposed to various external factors: water, detergents, antiseptics, wind, cold, sun… It is not surprising that she is prone to dryness and exhaustion. Silicone patches Wrinkles Schminkles smooth out wrinkles on the hands, as well as support the natural ability of the skin to retain moisture, stimulate blood flow and help strengthen the production of collagen.

1. Clean the skin from ANY cosmetic and care products. Before applying patches, your skin should be dry.
2. Remove the plastic film from the patches to reveal the sticky layer.
3. Apply the patches with the sticky side to the skin on the back of the palms
4. Wear patches during the day for 1-2 hours, and for best results, use the patch during sleep.
5. After application, carefully separate the patches from the skin and stick them on the storage sheet that comes with the kit.
6. Clean the patches every 3-4 uses by gently rinsing them under water.
7. To prolong the life of the patches, rinse them with water using a special Silicone Patch Cleanser. Do not use other cosmetic and cleansing products for patches!
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