SOSKIN Cicaplex - Skin repair protective care

What is it?

Revitalizing gel for sensitive, irritated and damaged skin. The action is aimed at relieving inflammation and restoring comfort. The product is enriched with natural ingredients that have powerful moisturizing and regenerating properties. The gel saturates cells with healing moisture and accelerates the renewal process. Proven effectiveness - the skin is restored in 21 days of use.

Optimizes the barrier function at the stage of epithelialization. Accelerates the recovery of skin affected by various factors. Relieves inflammation and swelling, soothes the skin and restores a sense of comfort.

Thanks to the combination of hydroxyproline and hyaluronic acid, it provides the necessary hydration to restore and nourish cells. Zinc prevents bacterial flora from proliferating, contributing to the rapid regeneration of injured areas. Dextran sulfate and horse chestnut extract have a beneficial effect on reducing edema and restoring normal skin color.

How to use?

Apply the cream twice a day on previously cleansed skin with a thin layer. Pay special attention to irritated and damaged areas. Repeat until the skin is completely restored.


Hyaluronic acid (0.2%), acyl L-hydroxyproline (0.1%), oat extract (0.22%), zinc gluconate (0.2%), dextrate sulfate (1%), horse chestnut extract (2 %), Shea butter, rosehip extract, Vitamin E (tocopherol), arginine, sunflower seed oil.

Volume: 30ml

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