SOSKIN Gentle Purifying lotion

What is it?

The lotion has a pronounced antimicrobial effect. Zinc has antibacterial and cleansing properties. Retinol, sulfur, lactic and salicylic acids facilitate the process of cleansing pores, prevent clogging, normalize sebum secretion, and help prevent the formation of inflammatory elements. Cucumber extract moisturizes, soothes the skin, enriches it with vitamins and nutrients, makes it radiant, restores healthy color and relief.

The active hypoallergenic formula effectively fights the imperfections of oily and combination skin: acne, inflammation, flaking. Refreshing lotion promotes cell renewal and improves complexion. In just a few applications, it normalizes the water-fat balance so that the skin is sufficiently hydrated and remains matte for a long time.

How to use?

After using the lotion, apply the Purifying Mask for Oily and Combination Skin (30150) and / or Ultra Moisturizing Cream for Problem Skin (30340).

Apply to face with a cotton pad in the morning and / or evening. Use as needed or after water treatments.


Vitamin A (retinol) (0.05%), cucumber extract (1%), zinc (0.02%), sulfur (0.03%), lactic and salicylic acids, castor oil.

Volume: 250ml

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