JAMES READ Coconut Dry Oil Tan-Body 100ml

James Read
A light transparent emulsion that turns into oil and gives the skin a luxurious golden hue for up to 5 days. The oil dries instantly and does not stick to hands and clothes. Vitamin E and coconut oil, which are included in the composition, nourish and moisturize the skin, and the antioxidant complex provides protection from external environmental influences.

Non-greasy, dry coconut body oil with a tanning effect nourishes and deeply moisturizes the epidermis, the product is simply applied, easily absorbed into the skin and dries quickly, providing a permanent, even and flawless tan.

Deeply moisturizes the skin.
The oil emulsion is easily and evenly applied, dries instantly and does not stick to hands and clothes.
Contains ingredients that nourish the skin: vitamin E and coconut oil.
Suitable for skin of any tone. The effect is achieved in 3-5 hours.
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