SOSKIN n-BTX Visible expression lines corrector

What is it?
Gel for reducing mimic activity and prolonging the effect of injection techniques. It has a botulinum-like effect, smoothes mimic wrinkles, promotes deep hydration, and restores the epidermal barrier. Gives the skin radiance and smoothness.

The serum gel penetrates easily into the skin, providing quick results and prolonged action. Regular use helps to smooth out the skin's relief, restore its elasticity, reduce the number and severity of facial wrinkles. Serum gel is used as a standalone remedy to smooth mimic wrinkles or as an additional care to enhance the effect of Botox injections.

Microcapsules with n-BTX have a botulinum-like effect: they inhibit the synthesis of acetylcholine and prevent skin aging associated with regular facial movements. Hexapeptide-8 reduces muscle mobility, eliminates existing wrinkles and prevents new ones. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin F and almond oil moisturize the skin, regulate water balance, reduce dryness and soothe, restore firmness and elasticity.

How to use?
Apply the gel to cleansed face in the morning with light, hammering movements. Can be used on the entire face or locally on the upper third of the face. Pay special attention to the forehead and reorbital area. Let the gel soak for 1-2 minutes, then apply the cream.

Optimally combined with Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream (10140). As an additional daily care, you can combine the application of the Face, Neck and Décolleté Serum (10330) on the lower third of the face and the n-BTX Anti-Wrinkle Gel (10130) on the upper third of the face.

To achieve the best result in the age group from 40 years old, the gel is recommended to be used for a long time and regularly. In the age group 25-30 years old, you can limit yourself to preventive courses. 1 course is 6 months.

Hexapeptide-8 (4.7%), microcapsules with n-BTX (0.5%), hyaluronic acid (5%), vitamin F (0.5%), sweet almond oil (0.5%), vegetable glycerin (4%), biosaccharide gum (4%), reflective particles (0.1%), vitamin E (tocopherol), lecithin, Omega-3

Volume: 30ml

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