ANESI LAB EPIGENESSE Revitalizing Day Cream 50ml

Restoring day cream formulated to preserve the skin’s youth code for a nourished and hydrated complexion.

How to use:

Apply every day after Renewal Serum.


Epigenomyl®Calendula flower actives: Clinically proven to fight against ageing skin. It revitalises the epigenome to reactivate the skin's youth. Telosense® Biofunctional: Hydrolysed yeast and soya proteins helps protect telomere stability for improved skin appearance and wrinkle reduction. Bio-Ceramidyl Pure: Protects the epidermis, maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier. Argan Oil: 80% EFA’s to nourish, restore and repair. Shea Butter: Rich in fatty acids to moisturise, protect and retain skin elasticity.

Volume: 150ml

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