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Wrinkles Schminkles
Silicone patches for the area around the eyes work with problems such as ”crow's feet", swelling, dark circles and bags under the eyes. They fix the skin and keep it hydrated and toned, while at the same time preserving its natural ability to produce collagen. 89% of women noted how crow's feet smoothed out as a result of applying patches, and 88% saw how puffiness and bags under the eyes disappeared.

1. Clean the skin from cosmetics and care cosmetics. Before applying patches, the skin should be completely dry.
2. Remove the film from the patches to reveal the sticky layer.
3. Apply the patches with the sticky side to the area under the eyes.
4. Wear patches for 15-20 minutes during the day to quickly prepare the skin for makeup, and to achieve a longer-lasting result, use patches for 6-8 hours (during sleep).
5. After application, carefully remove the patch from the skin and stick it on the storage sheet that comes with the kit.
6. It is necessary to clean the patches every 3-4 uses, gently rinsing them under a stream of warm water.
7. To extend the service life of the patches, rinse them with water using a special Silicone Patch Cleanser. Do not use any other cleansing products!
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