WS Morning After Glow Serum - Face&Decoll 60ml

Wrinkles Schminkles
Morning After Glow Serum is an anti-aging serum, which includes a powerful blend of antioxidants, active substances and essential fatty acids that fight wrinkles, designed to fill and moisturize the skin and eliminate fine and deep wrinkles on the face, neck and decollete - all equally. important areas of the body that, if neglected, betray our age.

This nourishing and moisturizing serum is designed for daily use and combined with our silicone anti-wrinkle patches that work best at night. Using our Morning After Glow Serum during the day and our silicone patches at night, you effectively take care of your skin 24 hours a day with specially designed skin care products for these delicate parts of the body, while optimizing your noticeably smoother skin the next morning after application. Our silicone patches.

How to use:
After removing silicone patches or using peeling pads, apply the serum with light massaging movements on the face, neck and decollete for instant penetration and radiance.
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